Ph.D. in Social Media

 I often come across a question - How can one do a Ph.D. is Social Media? That is so Awesome.. Can you tell me how to go for it? And that's when I feel so good about my decision to have chosen this awesome area of study (that I am even passionate about). 

2 and half years back when I had selected this topic, some people even asked me - Is that even possible? What do you have to do in it? Do you use Facebook everyday and talk to people? I was so amazed by all these questions. Well, I think today many of them would have understood and doing Ph.D. in social media is not just to surf Facebook whole day. It is so much wider than what people think it is. 

Well, talking about my research, I am studying the "Influence of Social Media: A Study of Consumers of Gujarat" (Gujarat is a State in India). It is so interesting journey till now, that I am enjoying every part of it. The most amazing part of the research is the Literature Review. I have collected many influential papers and research studies that have taught me a lot about the topic in detail with statistical proofs. 

As I said, each moment is enjoyable in this journey, I have thoroughly worked hard and prepared the survey questionnaire myself (obviously with the help from research guide and other professors too). At the time of Pilot testing, amazing feedback were received from pilot sample respondents. It encouraged me to go further in the study. 

Social Media is a so wide that it can be integrated into any kind of discipline and a new study can be done. You know what is the reason behind it? People are the new media - That's what Social Media means. And any research study involves studying people, their behaviour, attitudes, emotions, reactions, usage, etc.. Social Media is a medium where people connect. The place where people interacts, becomes the area of the study. 

Well, this year in 2013, I will be getting my Doctoral Degree, after which I will be sharing the results section. :)

Till then, you are most welcome to drop in by mails, or let's connect on social profiles and explore the ways to utilize this amazingly awesome social world. :)

Happy Socializing :)

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