Do we actually know how to use Twitter?

We are almost addicted to FACEBOOK. First thing that we do in mornings is to check whether or not any notifications are there on it, and then we step into bathrooms. For Twitter, the scenario is almost different. Many surveys have been done on How Indians Consume Twitter. The facts state that still majority of the people figuring out what to do with Twitter. [Well, This was my own state in 2009 ;-)] But, luckily I figured it out for myself and started helping other people too.

Twitter is mostly consumed for getting quick news updates as far as its use among Indians is concerned. However, it is much more wide than this. In India there are 3 major categories of Twitter Users:
1. Journalists
2. Celebrities (Sports, Films, Entertainment, etc)
3. Politicians and Big Business house CEO's

Inspite of India's so high population, very few people use twitter. And that's little surprising. I was doing some research regarding the same on the internet and to my amaze, I found some really interesting facts:

Population Size does not actually matter when it comes to comparing it with Twitter users. Though India may be having more than one billion population, very few people have access to internet (137,000,000 as of Dec 2012). Even among the people who has internet access, few are present on social media websites. According to World Internet Stats, 5.2 % of people use Facebook among the people who has internet access. 

These whole big picture shows that when it comes to Twitter users, India's gigantic population size does not convert into users. 

Next to the size, other major problem among Indians using Twitter - is the English Language. Twitter has 140 characters to explain your message and majority of its users use English as the basic language. In India, English is spoken only amongst business networks alone and to some extent in the entertainment industry. That may be one of the reason why there less Indian Twitter Users. Well, Language is no barrier today, I am just saying that due to less number of people actually speaking English, may be it can be the reason of not expressing one self in 140 characters. 

As I earlier mentioned, only 3 categories of people are observed using Twitter the most, many of the small businesses have showed their interest in using it too. But the only fact that become a hindrance is - what to do after making a Twitter account? What to Tweet about? Who to follow? How to get following? How to spread message? Do the world actually read 140 characters?

Well, I can show you the ways :)

Anybody who wants to use twitter, first must understand that it is very different from Facebook. You must be seeing your friends on Facebook, enjoying each others' pictures, seeing colourfull wall pages, etc. But that's not what Twitter will offer. It is like a collection of messages. It is like your mobile inbox, where you see all the text messages bundled upon each other. Understand it that way and you will gradually come to know how to use it. There is no perfect guideline that will tell you the step-by-step process to use Twitter. You have to follow your instinct on what should be tweeted. I can just tell you basic things. Those are:

Decide on what you will Tweet? - Personal or Professional
Find people - Friends, people you would like to get connected to..
Tweet Information and not the Junk..
Respond to people who are mentioning your name..
Do not over flow with your business information all the time..

Last but not least, enjoy twittering.
I would really love to know how you use Twitter :)


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