7 reasons Why every MOM should use Pinterest

Pinterest is a little less used social media platform compared to Facebook, But it can be an amazing platform for all the MOMS out there. Today’s blog article is dedicated to my MOM who loves to use social media and is an eager learner to experience each social media platform. So, here I would love to share some tips to all the MOTHERS out there who loves to explore new things in life.

#1 It’s a great Organizing resource

Mothers are born managers. Every mother is a Master of Management in my view, and that’s the reason we call her MOM. Hence, Pinterest can act as an organizing tool for moms. They can keep record of recipes, furniture ideas, D-I-Y ideas, fashion ideas, and everything that they love. It also helps in organizing parties and events. Mothers can also collect project ideas for their school-going kids, holiday activity ideas for them, etc. It also helps in organizing latest updates for saving money tips, saving energy tips, health tips, etc. In short, Pinterest can help mothers in organizing all kind of ideas and tips, using different pinning boards.

#2 It’s a great platform for showing one’s creativity

Making a new recipe out of left-over; Creating an old pot into a new one by applying nail polish; Cutting out old Towels and using them for wiping floors;  etc... These are few ideas that every mother does at home but do not have a chance to share with others. Pinterest gives them the best place to show their creativity and their own space to have fun.

#3 It’s a fun way to be social

Pinterest has thousands of people around the world, having various kinds of interest boards. Anyone can browse for any topic, pin their posts and share posts on their boards. It gives huge opportunity to connect with people in a fun way.

#4 It’s a relaxing tool

A mother always juggles work load and time factor when it come to managing her home, or taking care of kids, attending her husband’s needs, etc. In between all, Pinterest gives her that entertaining time to yearn for her desires. She can relax herself through exploring beautiful images, motivational quotes, inspiring stories, etc. This can be a great resource for stress relief. 

#5 It helps in earning too

Pinterest is widely used as a marketing tool by businesses worldwide. Stay-at-home mothers can also utilise this way to earn for herself through her own creativity. We all have some talents and every talent is valuable. Why not mothers utilize her talent and monetize it?

#6 It’s a time saver

As mentioned earlier in this article, that Pinterest is a great resource for organizing things. One its benefits after organizing is that it saves lot of time searching on Internet for ideas about food, fashion, holiday planning, vacation destinations, kid’s projects and activities, money saving tips, romantic tips, working from home tips, etc... You already have your boards ready at the time you really need some of the ideas to implement. These ideas and tips are your collection from over the Internet as well as from other people’s boards. So why waste time in searching them all over again. Just scroll down your own board.

#7 It ‘s a great resource for Personal and Professional Development  

Many people posts amazing things that are useful for personal as well as professional development.  There are posts like “Tips you can use for your personal development journey that motivates on the front of personal development. Moms can develop themselves through professional development as well through reading on any topic of interest. Any keyword will work and will give awesome ideas by other people on Pinterest.

Concluding thoughts

If you are a mother and reading this blog, I would like to congratulate you for finding out this post and reading it until end. I hope it interested you.

Today, on the Mother’s Day, if you really want to present your mother with something awesome, just let her know about Pinterest or teach her how to use Pinterest. Rest everything, she will find it out herself and bless you for making her life easy and valuable.   


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