Be Social But Be Safe

Today I am writing something that is very disturbing to me when I hear about the misuse of these new technologies. Social Networking websites are built to get social and build new relations, connect with people, know them, have your own community, and simply create your network of friends, family and work related networks. 

But few people use them for all the wrong means, bully people on internet and harass them. One cannot blame such people alone. The crime or cyber bullying or any such incident happens because people give them such chances and loopholes to do so. We need to Social, but not at the cost of being harassed or bullied. We need to keep ourselves safe from such things and build up a strong and safe social network. 

Here's a good infographic showing the tips on "how to keep yourselves safe on social media

No need to write much, as the above info-graphic tells everything that i wanted to explain. So just keep in mind one simple thing - BE SOCIAL BUT BE SAFE ! 

For now this much, would write up next when something solid and interesting appears to share. 
Till then, Happy Networking !

@Pandya_ Khushbu

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